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Understand your user through offline behavioral data

and connect through personalized content.

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Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store, food and beverage, event or a museum as long as you exist in the physical real-world,
Heer will leverage your business intelligence based on Location patterns, behaviors and engagement.

For Marketers

Are you maximizing the value of your Location? Heer can help you generate even greater business performance with rich customer behavioral data and powerful new proximity marketing capabilities powered by mobile presence, IOT and world-class Artificial intelligence.

For Location Operations

Has your Location infrastructure kept up with the needs of today’s connected visitors? Digital location signals in your store hold the key to unlocking the full potential of every customer visit & the business operation module. The future of business intelligence is here.

For Mobile Audience Owners

Would you like to significantly enhance the value of your mobile properties? Heer is enabling new measurement capabilities, premium audience monetization opportunities and enhanced app functionality for leading mobile audience owners.


    Heer works with leading enterprise technology platform providers, hardware suppliers, media companies and marketing agencies.
    Together we are helping real-world businesses harness the power of mobile presence to build lasting value.
    If you’d like to join our growing partner ecosystem, we’d love to talk.


    Let’s discuss what Heer technologies can do for you.